Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Another Good Week

Hey! What is up? This week was pretty awesome. No new investigators, but one of our investigators started keeping commitments so that is good. We visited a bunch of less actives and recent converts. We did a bunch of service. 9 hours each so 18 hours of labor combined. Not bad for a weeks work. We went and did service for some crazy old guy who thinks he is an expert in martial arts. He thinks the years of Jesus Christ's life that aren't in the bible were when Jesus was studying martial arts haha. He taught us some stuff so I'm basically a ninja now. He has two pet donkeys and they were super friendly. Nobody yelled at us this week. Probably because we didn't go tracting haha. We actually did a little bit of tracting, but 10/10 of the doors we knocked on didn't answer. So we went and visited less actives. Spiritual thought for the week. "because of the simpleness of the way, or the easiness of it, there were many who perished."-1 nephi 17 don't over complicate the gospel. It is so simple. Go to church. Pray. Read. And everything else will fall into place. You don't need to know deep doctrine to gain salvation. Just root your testimony in the basic things like the Book of Mormon. Anyway. Let me know how you are doing.

Elder Garfield

Ps I loved the pics you sent me throughout the week. And the video of the primary kids being indoctrinated haha. Let me know if you have questions

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Importand Stuff Right Here

October 19, 2015

Hey hey hey. Hope everyone has had a great week. I had a lot of fun
this week. I went on exchanges and tracted in the Oregon city projects
at night. It was pretty sketchy and ghetto, but it wasn't too bad and
no one got stabbed. We hung out with the hood rat kids at the park and
answered some questions they had about missionaries. I gave them a
Book of Mormon so they could read it when they were done smoking haha.
Tracting is so fun, but terrible at the same time. Some guy was going
off about Mormons and their star full of concubines that they get when
they die. I'd never heard of that, but it sounds pretty sweet and one
guy told us to burn in hell for trying to talk to him about family
history. I know Family history is boring, but chill. It's not that
bad. Anyway, we had a baptism on Saturday. It was super duper awesome.
The lady we baptized was actually smiling which is rare for her. Then
she was confirmed on Sunday. Hopefully we can get our other
investigators to commit to baptism. I always have lots of cool things
I want to share, but I forget before I write the email so forgive me.
I had a dinner appointment in a tree-house so that was new for me. And
we are actually going back today to get our haircut in a tree-house so
that will also be new for me. I attached a pic of the tree-house. It's
all low quality because it was almost dark so my bad. I also attached
a pic of a sweet selfie I took with elder Casey and a horse while we
were tracting. I'll get more pictures on my Facebook eventually. It's
annoying because we aren't allowed to use Facebook on our iPads so I
have to go to the family history center to do it. If you have any
questions let me know because I forgot what I wrote last week and I'm
sure I am forgetting something. Also I can read emails throughout the
week, but I can't respond until Monday's. So if you have a ton of
questions send an email earlier in the week so I have plenty of time
to think about it. Thank you.

Love you,
Elder Garfield