Monday, February 22, 2016

February 22, 2016

Hello. This week was the absolute worst until yesterday. We had a bunch of people cancel on us so we didn't teach very much. Basically the whole week we were saying, “Well what should we do next?” We did 13 hours of service so I guess that was alright. We did some tracting, but it was not successful at all. We tried to see the investigator who lives in the super sketchy mobile home. We brought a member with us so she could meet someone in the church. We got there and he goes, “What is this? Look- they got a fan going in the window.. in winter… They have to be cooking up something in there. This looks like a crack house. Yeah. You guys should probably not come back here." We knock on the door and I think like 5 or 6 people live in there because it’s always someone else who answers. She wasn't home. So we said, “Okay do you have a number we could call her with?" The lady said, “No I don’t know her that well." What? You don't know the person you share a small mobile home with? Then We went back a couple days later. This guy answers the door and says she's not home. We said okay. Do you have her number... No. We asked when she'd be back. He said he doesn't know maybe a couple days. After we walked away I said to my companion. "This can only mean one thing... They killed her!" <--sarcasm. I said all the signs lead up to it. She disappeared, they "don't know her that well", they keep giving us the run around, and they live in a crack house. I said they must be really nervous because they probably thought no one would know she is missing. So that's my theory I will let you all know the truth as I find the facts out. Saturday morning we went and did an "ivy pull." I guess ivy is this plant that is invasive and it is everywhere. It grows all over the ground and up the trees. It is like a vine type thing. Anyway, I think it looks pretty and it is an enormous pain to pull out. But there is this crazy guy who I guess hates ivy. He even went as far as to make a YouTube video about how to kill it. He does ivy pulls and once a month our zone goes and pulls out a bunch of ivy and blackberry bushes which are the absolute worst. Blackberry bushes have huge thorns all over them and they are a vine that gets all tangled up and they stab you all the time. Anyway we were dying laughing because this anti ivy guy had us come out and tells us where to pull ivy out. We think he had a bad experience with ivy when he was a kid so he hates it now. Kinda like batman and bats I guess. But he gatheres us all together and pumps us up to GO GET SOME IVY! Hahahahha. He wasn't yelling, but he said, “Alright everyone. We are going to get in a line and walk across the forest and pull out every frikin piece of ivy we see" hahaha. I was trying so hard not to laugh. Then after an elder came up to me and he is a samoan guy from Australia. He said, “Hey mate. Did you start dying laughing when he said "frikin ivy?" It was super funny. Then On Sunday we went to see this new investigator. She said we could come back on Sunday. We tracted into her/ her husband. We weren’t expecting to get anywhere because whoever we tract into who says come back, isn't home or isn't interested and it's always really lame. So our expectations weren't high. Then we get there and they let us in their home and we taught the restoration. It was awesome. They said we could come back and they loved having us over and what not. Elder Hill and I after were talking and we were like, when he said come in I didn't know what to do and then We taught them a lesson... That was crazy that has never happened before. We came to the conclusion that on both of our missions, til that point we had never had a legit lesson with someone at a return appointment we set with them at their door. It was great. It seems too good to be true so we will see next week what happens. Then later on Sunday we talked to this crazy lady. She was kinda fat and very crazy. She told us she was pagan so she worships Satan, but she also said she worships God and she also said she believes in Japanese culture of honoring your ancestors I was about to invite her to family history class on Sunday, but she said if we showed her a picture of our ancestors she would pray to them... So I thought maybe not invite her to family history class. She spoke Japanese too. She was teaching us some of it. She also said that she believes that tree is God and that grass is God and that everything around us is God. I was really tempted to ask if the dumpage I left In the toilet that morning was God, but I figured I better not. That could be interpreted as rude I guess. We talked to her for like 45 minutes so it was interesting. That was my week. In case you were wondering about missionary work here as far as baptisms go... In October we, as a mission, had 14 baptisms which is about 2 per year for each companionship. Which is garbage. Then in December we, as a mission, had around 35 and in January we as a mission had 31. So we have had a significant improvement since October so President Ballard is pretty excited about it. Our mission was the lowest baptizing in the north west area, but I don't think it is anymore. So that is pretty awesome.

Spiritual thought
"On October 6, in the year 1536, a pitiful figure was led from a dungeon in Vilvorde Castle near Brussels, Belgium. For nearly a year and a half, the man had suffered isolation in a dark, damp cell. Now outside the castle wall, the prisoner was fastened to a post. He had time to utter aloud his final prayer, “Lord! open the king of England’s eyes,” and then he was strangled. Immediately, his body was burned at the stake. Who was this man, and what was the offense for which both political and ecclesiastical authorities had condemned him? His name was William Tyndale, and his crime was to have translated and published the Bible in English.

Tyndale was a devoted student of the Bible, and the pervasive ignorance of the scriptures that he observed in both priests and lay people troubled him deeply. In a heated exchange with a cleric who argued against putting scripture in the hands of the common man, Tyndale vowed, “If God spare my life, ere many years I will cause a boy that driveth the plough, shall know more of the Scripture than thou dost!”

William Tyndale was not the first, nor the last, of those who in many countries and languages have sacrificed, even to the point of death, to bring the word of God out of obscurity. We owe them all a great debt of gratitude. We owe perhaps an even greater debt to those who faithfully recorded and preserved the word through the ages, often with painstaking labor and sacrifice--Moses, Isaiah, Abraham, John, Paul, Nephi, Mormon, Joseph Smith, and many others. What did they know about the importance of scriptures that we also need to know? What did people in 16th-century England, who paid enormous sums and ran grave personal risks for access to a Bible, understand that we should also understand?

In Tyndale’s day, scriptural ignorance abounded because people lacked access to the Bible, especially in a language they could understand. Today the Bible and other scripture are readily at hand, yet there is a growing scriptural illiteracy because people will not open the books."

-D. Todd Christofferson

Think of how amazing it is to be able to carry thousands of pages of scripture In your pocket. However, it doesn't do any good if you don’t read it! So read it!

Elder Garfield

February 15, 2016

Hola hola hola. So a lot has happened this week so this might be a long one. I got transferred to canby Oregon. Not much happens in canby Oregon it is not very densely populated. Also it is in the same zone I was in before. Same stake haha. My companion is elder hill. We get along great. He is from Arizona. He actually went to byui too, but we didn't know each other there. We have a few investigators. The work isn't crazy good here, but it's not bad either. We live in this ghetto duplex, but it's actually pretty sweet. We have a yard so that's cool. There are a ton of stray cats that live around our house. One got in our house once and we were chasing it around it was jumping everywhere. We might kill one and eat it one of these days so stay posted. Our neighbor told us the Mexican cartel lives in our neighborhood, but I haven't seen em so I'm not sure. Our back fence has razor wire on it so we have a beautiful view in our backyard. Not. My new address is 240 Se 3rd avenue canby Oregon 97013 if you were wondering. This week we killed it as far as missionary work goes. We taught a bunch of lessons and we found 4 new investigators. Which is a ton considering we only had about 4 investigators to start with. So we were pretty pumped. We were wondering what was going on because we didn't even work that hard. I thought maybe the lord knew we weren't gonna work that hard so he just kept the investigators close to each other. For example we were tracting for 20 minutes and found 2 investigators and gave away 3 book of Mormons. One house we knocked on we were sure we were about to get kidnapped or something. It was a mobile home that was really run down and dirty. There was this thing on the door that said "insane asylum". the porch was leaning to the side about ready to fall apart. We said well here we go and knocked. The window was open and we could hear someone creepily cackling inside after we knocked... Then It was silent we were looking at each other like whaaaaaaat.... Then this lady opens the door. We give her a Book of Mormon and a pamphlet she was really excited about it and we set up a return appointment. It was crazy. Also we found these strange creatures while we were Tracting. They have the feet and bill of a duck. The face of a rooster. The butt of a chicken. The body of I don't know what. I was laughing so hard I was crying when we knocked on this persons door. They didn't answer so we took selfies with the doosters (duck roosters). It was so funny. I'll attach pics of them. That's All I can remember about this week so peace and blessings.

Spiritual thought:
Watch this video
Good Things to Come (4:55)

Good Things to Come (4:55) Elder Jeffrey R. Holland recalls his days as a poor young father with a broken-down family car and testifies that for those who embrace the gospel of Jesus Christ, there are better days and good things to come.

Love you all,
Elder Garfield

February 8, 2016

This week was pretty awesome. We donated blood which was cool. I got
to relax for an hour or so, so that was nice. We went on exchanges and
elder itufia and I went to a basketball game at the Oregon city high
school. That was super fun. They lost by two points which is a bummer,
but still a good game. When we were donating blood this guy who was
doing the exam to make sure I was eligible took my pulse and it was 58
so he was like wow. Do you work out? I said I do my best haha. Then he
said you know... You look like one of those movie stars. I'm not sure
which one though. I'm pretty sure he was buttering me up so I would
give him my blood. But then we got lots of free snacks. Which is
always a good thing. We went out to eat with some members and they
took us and the other elders to this Chinese restaurant. And the lady
goes, wow... These are all your sons? The member said nope just this
one. The other four are missionaries. The Chinese lady said why are
missionaries so handsome... When they talk to you you don't know what
they say you are just looking at they face. Like ya sure whatever give
me you number and I will listen. We were dying laughing. Haha. We
found a new guy to teach and he said he would get baptized after we
taught the first lesson so we were really excited about that.
Hopefully that turns out well. He is an old funny guy. He always talks
about how he went to bible school and they wanted him to learn Greek.
He says, who speaks Greek? I'm not going to learn Greek... Then he
always talks about how some people can memorize the bible. He says, I
know a few verses, but I can't memorize the bible like some people
can. He is a real nice guy. We also have this new investigator named
William. He always tells us about how he lived on the streets and he
tells the same stories over and over. He goes. I spent Christmas in a
cardboard box with a girl covered in plastic wrap. I tried to get her
to come with me and get her life together, but she wouldn't let go of
the glass pipe. He was homeless, but now he is getting his life
together. He always says, you know Mormons get a bad rap. I come to
church and I see a bunch of successful people, but when I was on the
streets I heard all kinds of crazy stuff about you guys. And he always
says he's waiting for us to take him in the back and beat him up and
kick him saying come to Jesus... Come to Jesus... Every time we pass
him in the hall at church he kicks his foot and says come to Jesus
hahaha. We went Tracting one day and a lot of people have no
soliciting signs, but of course we just knock anyway. We went to this
one house, opened their gate, walked past several no soliciting signs,
and knocked. I was waiting for the guy to come out and ask if we were
blind, but he was actually super friendly. He isn't interested, but he
offered us water and said he would invite is in, but his wife was
sick. It was the opposite of what I was expecting. It was pretty

Spiritual thought:
This Sunday a member shared a story about his 7 year old daughter. She
got sent to the principals office. This little girl is the tiniest,
cutest, most well behaved little girl ever so I was surprised and so
was her dad. He went in to the office and found out she got sent there
for telling her friend about Jesus. And he was so proud of her.
Remember to stand up for what you believe... If a tiny 7 year old girl
can do it. So can you..
Elder Garfield

Ps. Johnnys bday is the 21st right?

February 1, 2016

This week was pretty swell.  We found a new guy named Dan McGuire to
teach. He is an old guy. He got all emotional and was so grateful we
would give him a Book of Mormon for free. I was surprised. Normally we
have to basically force people to take them. We were out with our ward
mission leader and we saw two blind people walking on the sidewalk.
And our ward mission leader said "I was going to say the blind leading
the blind, but I thought that would be rude". It was hilarious. He is
a funny guy. We were teasing him hardcore because he didn't come to
stake conference this week.  We went to his house and he was in his
pjs watching a movie with his wife. We asked him to come to our lesson
that night at 7. He goes. Do I have to? We said yes. And we asked him
if he went to stake conference. He said no not at all haha. So at the
lesson we kept calling him out because our investigator actually went.
We would ask our investigator what he liked about it and then ask our
ward mission leader what his favorite talk was haha. Then after we
asked him if we could count that as a less active lesson too. I'm
really excited because transfers is next week and I am hoping to get a
new companion. My comp right now is alright, but he is a bit of a
goon. He started driving so he can learn the area and he is an awful
driver. I'm not sure why, but he always drives on the very edge of the
road on the white line which is really sketchy when you are in Oregon
city and every road has at least a three foot ditch on each side. We
haven't died yet, but I wouldn't be surprised if he crashed before his
mission is over. Nothing crazy awesome has happened. We basically do
the same thing every day haha. Sorry my letter came so late in the
day. And sorry it's so short.

Spiritual thought:
I'm too lazy to type something out so here is a video haha

January 25, 2016

I got the bike. It's awesome. Those bars are sweet, and it looks like
you got the wheels trued and a new derailleur? Thank you. I have a
feeling I'm going to get transferred to a bike area so we will see.
Transfers are in two weeks. I'm pretty excited. I'm ready to move to a
new area. Oregon city is awesome, but I'm ready to meet some new
people. There is a chance I won't move at all, but not a big one. This
week was pretty awesome. We had a new guy come to church and he is so
solid. His name is William and you would think he was a member. He was
even answering questions in gospel principals class. Friday and
Saturday we did a ton of service. We worked at the food pantry,
shoveled piles of dirt for this lady, helped someone move twice, we
moved bricks for someone, and we shoveled more dirt haha. I was pretty
tired. After we helped this guy moved we said goodbye to him and he is
a heavy smoking, tough, rough, veitnam veteran. He was just about
crying when he said goodbye to us. We gave him a big hug and he said
"I will offer the mechanics prayer. spectacles (he touched his
glasses) testicles (he touched his balls) wallet (he touched one side
of his chest) watch (he touched the other side of his chest)" I was
dying laughing. And I said amen! Amen! Hahahahaha. Then a couple weeks
ago I forgot to write about it. We were looking for this house and we
walked up this alley type thing past another house. There was this big
bearded guy working on his car. We asked him if he knew where the
house was. He said he didn't. I asked him if he has ever heard of the
church. He said yeah I've had thousands of you guys try and convert
me. I laughed and said, oh yeah? And they can't get ya? He said, nope.
I'm the devil himself. I ride Harley's and curse like a drunken effing
sailor. I've been stabbed 39 times. Two years later I walked into the
hospital holding my own organs. And if you don't believe me look. He
pulled up his shirt and showed us his big hair belly with a huge scar.
We said okay have a good day. I was dying laughing. I was thinking
ahhhhh! You don't have to show me. I believed you. Put that away!
People are so crazy. We taught the law of chastity in more depth to
Chris and Bonnie. They are living together. They aren't super happy
with us at the moment. He said I've been living. With her for 4 years
and she's been a part of my life since high school. He is like 40 now.
I had a really hard time being patient with him, but he will do what
he wants to do. We told him what he needs to do and if he is willing
to act on it then he will. If not then he won't. They said they were
going to talk to the bishop about it. They said they are waiting for
the funding to have a big wedding. I was thinking *you've been engaged
for 4 years... Are you waiting to win the lottery?* we will see what
happens with them. I'd bet my bottom dollar the bishop will tell them
the same thing we did, but maybe they will actually listen to him.
Spiritual thought:

"A short while ago I heard the testimony of a woman who, with her
husband, strayed from the path of safety, breaking commandments and,
in the process, nearly destroying their family. When each of them
could finally see through the thick haze of addiction and recognize
how unhappy their lives had become, as well as how much they were
hurting their loved ones, they began to change. The repentance process
felt slow and was, at times, painful, but with the help of priesthood
leaders, along with help from family and loyal friends, they made
their way back.

I share with you a portion of this sister’s testimony of the healing
power of repentance: “How does someone go from being one of the lost
sheep and gripped by [sin], to this peace and happiness we now feel?
How does that happen? The answer … is because of a perfect gospel, a
perfect Son and His sacrifice for me. … Where there was darkness,
there is now light. Where there was despair and pain, there is joy and
hope. We have been infinitely blessed by the change that can only come
through repentance made possible by the Atonement of Jesus Christ.”

Our Savior died to provide you and me that blessed gift. Despite the
fact that the path is difficult, the promise is real. Said the Lord to
those who repent:

“Though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow.”

“And I will remember [them] no more.”"
-president Thomas S Monson

Elder Garfield

January 18, 2016

This week was pretty awesome. We had Anya's baptism. That was really awesome. She is 8 and her dad is a member so it didn't count for us, but we still taught her all the lessons. I gave a talk on baptism and I think it was pretty good. I got a lot of compliments, but I prepared it 30 minutes beforehand so it couldn't have been that great. We found a couple new people to teach finally. One is named Judy and she was an investigator, but she stopped meeting with the missionaries for a couple years and now she wants to meet with us again. We also found Tiffany. She is interested in learning more, but I'm not sure how serious she is about religion. We also had a little girl come to church. I'm not sure why, but we only ever have little girl investigators. It's kinda strange. Kayla, Anya, and now this girl named emra... Anyway. She came to church and really loved it. She said she is going to come every week. And next week she is bringing her family. Hopefully all of them come. They are a family of 7! We are so excited and hope it works out. We have really been wanting to teach a family. We went to visit this less active we have been trying to have an appointment with for a long time. She is in her 20s. We knocked on her door and this other girl/woman answered. She is in her 20s as well. I had never seen her before. We asked if Ashley was home. She said no and then Asked "who are you?" We said we were the missionaries, but the whole time I was thinking who the heck are you and why are you in Ashley's house when she is not home??? I was so confused. This guy we teach named Chris is living with this less active named Bonnie. Last week we told Chris he has to get married before he gets baptized. This week he wasn't at church and we normally have lessons with him on Sunday so I was a little concerned. Bonnie texted us and said "today isn't a good day because of her cold pneumonia" so we said okay let us know if you need anything. Then in the evening we went on Facebook and WE SAW HER POST A BUNCH OF PICTURES OF A HIKE SHE WENT ON THAT DAY!!!!  I was so mad. It's so frustrating dealing with people. Also the funniest thing happened while we were Tracting. We knocked on this door and no one was home so we started to walk Down The driveway and this car turns to pull in. Then they saw us and they turned away and pinned it! It was hilarious. They flew up out of there. Then we kept knocking doors and waited for them to come back. We saw them go inside and we went and knocked on their door, but they didn't answer. People are unbelievable.

Spiritual thought:

Love Elder Garfield

Ps. Can you send my bike to my address and just put a couple tools so I can put it together. We still have three weeks left in the transfer. Also tanners baby looks pretty darn cute. And did Johnny ride the rock drop on snake back? And did dad beat my time????😀