Monday, February 22, 2016

February 1, 2016

This week was pretty swell.  We found a new guy named Dan McGuire to
teach. He is an old guy. He got all emotional and was so grateful we
would give him a Book of Mormon for free. I was surprised. Normally we
have to basically force people to take them. We were out with our ward
mission leader and we saw two blind people walking on the sidewalk.
And our ward mission leader said "I was going to say the blind leading
the blind, but I thought that would be rude". It was hilarious. He is
a funny guy. We were teasing him hardcore because he didn't come to
stake conference this week.  We went to his house and he was in his
pjs watching a movie with his wife. We asked him to come to our lesson
that night at 7. He goes. Do I have to? We said yes. And we asked him
if he went to stake conference. He said no not at all haha. So at the
lesson we kept calling him out because our investigator actually went.
We would ask our investigator what he liked about it and then ask our
ward mission leader what his favorite talk was haha. Then after we
asked him if we could count that as a less active lesson too. I'm
really excited because transfers is next week and I am hoping to get a
new companion. My comp right now is alright, but he is a bit of a
goon. He started driving so he can learn the area and he is an awful
driver. I'm not sure why, but he always drives on the very edge of the
road on the white line which is really sketchy when you are in Oregon
city and every road has at least a three foot ditch on each side. We
haven't died yet, but I wouldn't be surprised if he crashed before his
mission is over. Nothing crazy awesome has happened. We basically do
the same thing every day haha. Sorry my letter came so late in the
day. And sorry it's so short.

Spiritual thought:
I'm too lazy to type something out so here is a video haha

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