Monday, February 22, 2016

February 8, 2016

This week was pretty awesome. We donated blood which was cool. I got
to relax for an hour or so, so that was nice. We went on exchanges and
elder itufia and I went to a basketball game at the Oregon city high
school. That was super fun. They lost by two points which is a bummer,
but still a good game. When we were donating blood this guy who was
doing the exam to make sure I was eligible took my pulse and it was 58
so he was like wow. Do you work out? I said I do my best haha. Then he
said you know... You look like one of those movie stars. I'm not sure
which one though. I'm pretty sure he was buttering me up so I would
give him my blood. But then we got lots of free snacks. Which is
always a good thing. We went out to eat with some members and they
took us and the other elders to this Chinese restaurant. And the lady
goes, wow... These are all your sons? The member said nope just this
one. The other four are missionaries. The Chinese lady said why are
missionaries so handsome... When they talk to you you don't know what
they say you are just looking at they face. Like ya sure whatever give
me you number and I will listen. We were dying laughing. Haha. We
found a new guy to teach and he said he would get baptized after we
taught the first lesson so we were really excited about that.
Hopefully that turns out well. He is an old funny guy. He always talks
about how he went to bible school and they wanted him to learn Greek.
He says, who speaks Greek? I'm not going to learn Greek... Then he
always talks about how some people can memorize the bible. He says, I
know a few verses, but I can't memorize the bible like some people
can. He is a real nice guy. We also have this new investigator named
William. He always tells us about how he lived on the streets and he
tells the same stories over and over. He goes. I spent Christmas in a
cardboard box with a girl covered in plastic wrap. I tried to get her
to come with me and get her life together, but she wouldn't let go of
the glass pipe. He was homeless, but now he is getting his life
together. He always says, you know Mormons get a bad rap. I come to
church and I see a bunch of successful people, but when I was on the
streets I heard all kinds of crazy stuff about you guys. And he always
says he's waiting for us to take him in the back and beat him up and
kick him saying come to Jesus... Come to Jesus... Every time we pass
him in the hall at church he kicks his foot and says come to Jesus
hahaha. We went Tracting one day and a lot of people have no
soliciting signs, but of course we just knock anyway. We went to this
one house, opened their gate, walked past several no soliciting signs,
and knocked. I was waiting for the guy to come out and ask if we were
blind, but he was actually super friendly. He isn't interested, but he
offered us water and said he would invite is in, but his wife was
sick. It was the opposite of what I was expecting. It was pretty

Spiritual thought:
This Sunday a member shared a story about his 7 year old daughter. She
got sent to the principals office. This little girl is the tiniest,
cutest, most well behaved little girl ever so I was surprised and so
was her dad. He went in to the office and found out she got sent there
for telling her friend about Jesus. And he was so proud of her.
Remember to stand up for what you believe... If a tiny 7 year old girl
can do it. So can you..
Elder Garfield

Ps. Johnnys bday is the 21st right?

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