Monday, February 22, 2016

January 18, 2016

This week was pretty awesome. We had Anya's baptism. That was really awesome. She is 8 and her dad is a member so it didn't count for us, but we still taught her all the lessons. I gave a talk on baptism and I think it was pretty good. I got a lot of compliments, but I prepared it 30 minutes beforehand so it couldn't have been that great. We found a couple new people to teach finally. One is named Judy and she was an investigator, but she stopped meeting with the missionaries for a couple years and now she wants to meet with us again. We also found Tiffany. She is interested in learning more, but I'm not sure how serious she is about religion. We also had a little girl come to church. I'm not sure why, but we only ever have little girl investigators. It's kinda strange. Kayla, Anya, and now this girl named emra... Anyway. She came to church and really loved it. She said she is going to come every week. And next week she is bringing her family. Hopefully all of them come. They are a family of 7! We are so excited and hope it works out. We have really been wanting to teach a family. We went to visit this less active we have been trying to have an appointment with for a long time. She is in her 20s. We knocked on her door and this other girl/woman answered. She is in her 20s as well. I had never seen her before. We asked if Ashley was home. She said no and then Asked "who are you?" We said we were the missionaries, but the whole time I was thinking who the heck are you and why are you in Ashley's house when she is not home??? I was so confused. This guy we teach named Chris is living with this less active named Bonnie. Last week we told Chris he has to get married before he gets baptized. This week he wasn't at church and we normally have lessons with him on Sunday so I was a little concerned. Bonnie texted us and said "today isn't a good day because of her cold pneumonia" so we said okay let us know if you need anything. Then in the evening we went on Facebook and WE SAW HER POST A BUNCH OF PICTURES OF A HIKE SHE WENT ON THAT DAY!!!!  I was so mad. It's so frustrating dealing with people. Also the funniest thing happened while we were Tracting. We knocked on this door and no one was home so we started to walk Down The driveway and this car turns to pull in. Then they saw us and they turned away and pinned it! It was hilarious. They flew up out of there. Then we kept knocking doors and waited for them to come back. We saw them go inside and we went and knocked on their door, but they didn't answer. People are unbelievable.

Spiritual thought:

Love Elder Garfield

Ps. Can you send my bike to my address and just put a couple tools so I can put it together. We still have three weeks left in the transfer. Also tanners baby looks pretty darn cute. And did Johnny ride the rock drop on snake back? And did dad beat my time????😀

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