Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Pday 10-12-15

October 12, 2015

What is up everyone? This week has been pretty awesome. There are so many cool experiences out here that I don't have time/ don't want to write them all. So I'll just share some good ones. I got to take a picture next to an excommunicated members weed plant. (He is working towards re-baptism) that was fun. He said "do you know how many missionaries have taken a picture next to that plant?" I'm guessin a lot. Oregon city is beautiful. It is kind of rural. A lot of our appointments are in trailer parks or in rural have houses. The ward is really nice. It is a pretty small ward. Only 4 boys in all the young men's. I don't know about young women's because you gotta stay away from the laurels. They are deadly. We have a baptism this Saturday so hopefully that goes well. One cool thing that happened is that the woman who is getting baptized was a heavy smoker. We set a date for her to quit. She agreed and we gave her a priesthood blessing. The next day she said she had no cravings (first time in 6 years) so she was able to be baptized this weekend. Kind of cool. The area we are in is really successful so far. We haven't had a new investigator yet, but we have 3 or 4 that could get baptized pretty soon here. The mission is great so far. My companion elder smith is alright. He gets on my nerves once in a while and he is a horrible driver, but for the most part he is bearable. I decided the reason that Heavenly Father sent me on a mission is to learn patience so it's all good. First full
week in the field is complete so only like 100 more weeks. Time flies haha. My address for this transfer is 2220 Gilman Drive Oregon city, Oregon 97045 apt 532 if you wanna send me letters or what not.

Love you all,

Elder Garfield

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