Friday, June 3, 2016

April 11, 2016

This week was pretty swell. It didn't rain all week which is incredible. It's raining right now though. I got a lot of stories so it could be a long one.
    First of all. We were knocking doors, which we do a lot of, and his guy opened up the door. He was an older guy. He brings up the verse in revelations that say not it add or take away from this book. Which is silly in and of itself since the bible isn't arranged chronologically and it says the same thing in Deuteronomy. My companion said "oh yeah in revelations chapter 22" and he said why don't you come in for a minute. So we did and he quizzed us. He asked us a bunch of questions about the bible and what we believe trying to get us to trip up, but we didn't. He couldn't stump us so we basically taught the first lesson, he refused to accept the challenge to read from the book of Mormon. He gave us water and prayed for us which was nice. But he prayed that we would be able to find the truth haha. We were like no worries there we already found it. Also that is the first time in 6.5 months of Tracting I have been let into someone's house right away.
     Next story we set up a night for some youth to come to the church and play ball and hang out and bring nonmember friends. So we were there and then This girl ran out of the church and her two friends were chasing her and this kid came up to me and said "Deanne wants to kill herself so she ran out and that's why they are chasing her. Should I call the cops?" I said probably not. I could tell she
was just doing it for attention since she came back in the church smirking. So then a little later the cops show up and take her and talk to her and what not. So we had to stay there a while and wait for her grandma to come get her and for them to fill out a report. It was cray cray.
      Next story. We met Elder Ballard of the Quorum of the 12 Apostles. We had an awesome meeting with him and got to shake his hand. He is a great speaker. There was one meeting where the bishops
and ward mission leaders came and he opened it up for questions this guy got roasted. He got up and started asking this long question about passalong cards. "I have this neighbor I have been working on for 30 years and he is only interested in the tabernacle choir and general conference came around and I noticed there are not general conference passalong cards. And there aren't passalong cards for the tabernacle choir..." And he went on for a good 5 or 6 minutes until elder Ballard interrupted him and said "I got it". He then Told him that passalong cards are not a substitute for just taking the missionaries to talk to him and introducing him to the Book of Mormon. He laughed and said I will ask if the first presidency wants to do passalong cards for conference, but let's not over complicate missionary work. It was hilarious. He talked a lot about missionary work obviously and he told a few great stories. He told one when he was a mission president in Canada and he got a new elder. He had an interview and the elder told him that he would be the best missionary he ever had. He asked why and the elder told him that before he left his dad was diagnosed with cancer and he would likely not survive when he got back. But he promised God that if he would be the best missionary he ever had if he would save his dad. He sent the elder to the northernmost part of Canada do it was winter. He said the temp could be down to -60 with the wind chill. He and his companion were at dinner and an hour passed by. The elder said we have to go and his trainer said no we don't we don't have any appointments this evening. He said no we have to go. They got their coats on, left the warm house and outside on the doorstep the new missionary told him he would have to help him save his dad. So they went and knocked doors. People would invite them in so they wouldn't freeze to death and he would stay long enough to find out if they were interested and then move on to the next house. Pretty crazy. And his dad lived. The end.
       Next story we were in a lesson with his lady in her late 20s. She has clearly had a rough go at things and has blue hair. She told us all about her crazy boyfriend troubles and how he had sex with his baby mama while they were together and she almost did meth and her friend said its just like weed, but it helps you focus and she was like, what? I'm not gonna do meth and she was feeling down one day, so she took ten shots and then got in a fight with her boyfriend and something Possessed her and she picked up a sharp rock and was going to kill her boyfriend and then her inner good self was like no so she dropped the Rock and ran away so she would hurt him and then she got picked up by the cops and they said she wasn't drunk, but she was like what I took ten shots. Then she told us a bunch of other crazy stories and eventually we taught her a lesson and committed her to be baptized and she said she would. So that was awesome. She said she met with missionaries before and like having them talk to her because she felt good when they came by and she lost contact when she moved and she was praying the Mormons would knock on her door. Pretty cool.
     That is all the stories I care to write down. I hope everyone is doing well. Have a great week.

Ps. If you can, will you send me a few short sleeve white shirts. It's starting to get warm. Thank you.


Elder Garfield

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