Friday, June 3, 2016

May 16, 2016

This week was pretty awesome. I have been getting pretty frustrated with the missionary work here in Canby because all the people we have been finding are just medium interested or just "curious to learn more about different religions" so they won't do the things we ask them. For example reading and praying about the Book of Mormon. So I was pretty frustrated. This week changed all that though. We got in contact with the Allen family. He is the one who grows medical marijuana. They are awesome and they have twin girls who are 7 and then two younger daughters. He just out of the blue decided to go back to church so that his daughters could be raised up in it do he was there this Sunday with 3 of his girls. The mom had to stay behind because one of the girls was sick. It was great when we were teaching him. He started talking about how he wants to get married in the temple. He said "yeah because there is like regular marriage and then there is like extra married for time and all eternity. That's getting married to the max bro" it was awesome we were all cracking up. Then this Sunday we got a text saying that there is a guy named Andrew who is interested in talking with us. It had his number so I called him and he said "yeah I was raised baptist and I have been thinking about converting to Mormon". I was so pumped. We had a lesson with him later on Sunday night and he agreed to be baptized on June 18. Also Linda Conley is getting baptized this Saturday so we are pretty pumped about that. I'm glad we found a couple more people because it is the worst when you baptize everyone and then you have to start over. It's better to keep finding people while the other people are progressing towards baptism. We also found rosa. She is from Mexico I think and she
doesn't speak English so we told her we would have the Spanish missionaries come by. The Spanish missionaries called her and they said she had no idea what was going on haha. I was laughing because she had no idea who we were, but she accepted a Book of Mormon and gave us her phone number. Hopefully the sisters will be able to teach her. Some funny things that happened this week....

There was this potential investigator we were going to visit and we are walking up to the door and this guy is in front of us going to the same door and he gets there and opens it then kneels down and crawls in half way. And then he just stays there with his butt poking out the door a little bit. We still wanted to see the potential and Elder Holland said be persistent so we go up to the door anyway. We say "excuse me", but he didn't hear so we just kinda knock on the side of the house. He jumped up so fast and just started walking backwards into the house. He was so scared hahah. It was great.

So the tree fell in front of the church and there is a guy named Dennis. He is a member. He was at the church because he is putting on this musical production thing and everyone was practicing. He always seems nervous about stuff and he is super stressed about his musical production and he comes up to us and says "hey elders I really, if you can, can you go out and take a picture of the tree because I can send it to brother Perez and he can get it in the newspaper because he knows the newspaper guy and it can be like some great publicity and then we can be like yeah the tree fell In front of the church and you know what is happening at the church is this musical production called the garden... And it can be some great publicity because you know that a tree doesn't just fall for no reason right?" We said sure we will go take pics of it. Another example of how he is losing his mind is that he called us this morning and said "hey elders can I call you back"
and then he hung up haha. And he hasn't called us back.


Elder Garfield

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