Friday, June 3, 2016

May 2, 2016

This week was pretty grand. We had a few good experiences. It might be my last week in Canby so we will see next Monday if I go somewhere else. A couple cool stories from this week. I'll tell the coolest one first since it just happened a couple hours ago. We had to drop our car off to get detailed in hillsboro which is the other side of the mission. We were out there with the zone leaders because it was gonna take all day and we are picking it up tomorrow. So we were looking for a place to eat and lo and behold there is a McDonald's which is great because the McDonald's in Canby is shut down right now. So I say lets go to McDonalds and everyone was like oh no blah blah blah. I convinced them and we had a beautiful meal. Then We go and walk across the parking lot to a thrift store. As we walk over this lady comes up to us and says hello. She was a member. She started crying and said she left the house that morning to kill herself, but she knows God sent us there to stop her. She said she needs to go to the temple visitors center. So we said go and she left. Then We walk into the thrift store and I say, "and thus we see that McDonald's saves lives". I finally have proof of the divinity of McDonald's.
     Another cool story. We knew a member of the ward was having a wedding reception for his daughter at the church so we texted him and offered to help him. He said yes so we did. Then we went to part of the reception and right away we met this guy from China and taught him the first lesson. It was great. He is a Buddhist.
     We were driving down the street and I saw this guy who was trying to pull weeds while holding onto his walker. So I pulled over and we asked him if he needed a hand. He said no and we got talking and we talked to him for an hour about the church and about life and what not. Turns out he had been taught by missionaries before. So we might try and stop by him again.
     I'll throw in another cat story for you mom. We saw scratch eye, the one eyed cat, sleeping in the grass so I snuck up behind him and got a hold of his tail and threw him a few feet. He hissed so loud I thought he was gonna attack me. It was crazy. Then This gray cat was giving me the glare so I got a pvc pipe and a nerf dart and I blew into it and shot the dart. Hit him straight in the head. The dart didn't have a needle in the end so he barely even moved. Also one of the cats had its kittens so we are gonna have even more cats around here! I think we have 9 adult cats right now.
     I'm not sure if anything else happened that was funny. Oh yeah I got to feed a baby cow named Kevin after dinner at the bishops house, so that was awesome. Also this little girl got up to share her
testimony and she said, "we got a llama to protect our chickens from coyotes and Hawks... And it reminded me of how Jesus protects us from bad stuff." It was great. Apparently llamas are guards for chickens.
     We also have a new family who are very less active members who want to come back to church. He is a medical marijuana farmer. We haven't met him yet, but I will write about how it goes down. Love you all. Talk to you on Sunday.


Elder Garfield

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