Friday, June 3, 2016

March 14, 2016

This week was interesting. I was playing pinochle at the old folks home with some old people and this old lady came up behind me and gave me a hug. I was like oh this old lady is so nice. Then she straight up kissed/licked my ear... I was freaking out. I did not expect that at all. It was disturbing. Other than that the week wasn't disgusting. The weather has been pretty bad as usual. It's been raining a ton. As usual. We found 4 new investigators which was amazing. We had a mission wide fast for more investigators and we only fasted breakfast because we got really hungry, but it worked. We went on exchanges this week. I went with elder Miller. Not much else crazy happened. We sang in the choir for some musical fireside which is lame. I sorta just lip synced.  There's than that not much happened. Congrats to Alyssa on getting hitched. Sounds like you had a busy weekend. Sorry my email is really lame this week. If you haven't gotten a chance to watch the new Easter video go check it out on

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