Friday, June 3, 2016

May 23, 2016

This week was super Duper. We baptized Linda. It was a great baptismal service. Not a ton of people showed up but there were a good amount. Also her son who is a nonmember was there. He is super nice. But not interested. She got confirmed on Sunday. We got to stand in the circle and it was pretty awesome. Linda was the first baptism this ward has had in 14 months. Hopefully we can get a couple more. Andrew who we taught last week and we set a baptismal date with canceled on us this week. And he didn't come to church. So hopefully we can get in contact with him again.

      We did a lot of service this week. A lot of people got mad at us this week. Sometimes we do service at the Canby adult center. We serve food in the kitchen for all the old people. The kitchen people are really mean and they get mad at us because we are sure what to do because they never tell us what to do. Usually the adult center will call us and tell us when to come in. This time they never called us, so we didn't know when to come in. Then we were over doing service for a member in the morning and we got a call saying that we were supposed to come in. They were pretty mad at us, so I told them that we would come in late. Then when we got there they were getting all in our
business. It was really annoying because they all work there and we don't have to volunteer there at all, but they get all in our business and get angry at us and it's really frustrating.she said it is been
the third Saturday of the month for 30 years that you come in. I said "we haven't been here 30 years so we didn't know that. They usually call us and tell us when to come In". They are super short tempered and always get mad at us for doing stuff wrong. But they never explain how or what to do. So we told them that we had an appointment at 1:30 and left early. We probably won't ever volunteer there again.

     Also the garden performance was this week. Our ward has been working on it for like ever. They were super excited about it and said it would be the missionary event of the century. This women in our ward name Laura told us that they wanted us to usher so we would have to go to the church at 6 and then we have to stay until after the garden which ended at 8:10 and then stay after to help clean up and talk to people. They also wanted three sets of missionaries to be there the entire time. So then Goodrich told them that that was not the best use of time. We said that we would come at the end to talk to people and help clean up, and that we would bring the three sets of missionaries but we wouldn't stay the whole time. Laura got Super mad at us. They were going to call Our zone leaders and President Ballard to get them to tell us to stay at the garden. Also just to add to the picture Laura is kind of old and really broad shouldered and probably lesbian. And unmarried. And really short hair. She called the zone leaders and they said the same thing that we said. They were one of
the sets of missionaries that was going to come. So Laura got super mad at them too. It all worked out in the end. We were there to talk to people and there were a lot of non-members there but none of them would really talk to us, and We didn't find any new investigators from it. But it was cool because I got to see the bishop for my first area and also some other members from Oregon city second. It was hard to find the nonmembers because they still look like people. And they dress the same.

    We got in contact with Colton a guy who lives way out in the boonies. We told the ward council about it. We said we'd been tracting on Yoder Road. The bishop asked surprised, "you've been tracting on yoder road? You must be getting desperate". He has no idea how desperate we truly are.  But Colton is pretty cool he has a young family and seems pretty interested. He said we could come back up on Saturday and teach his family. Hopefully it all turns out well and he gets baptized. It would be awesome to teach a whole family, but it is really hard to find families to teach.

    This less active woman finally came to church. Her name is sister Newell. And she gave us a $25 subway gift card which is awesome because I have like $12 to last the rest of the month haha. Hope you all have a great week.


Elder Garfield

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