Friday, June 3, 2016

April 18, 2016

This week was pretty swell. It is Canby clean up here which means that everyone puts their junk out on the curb and the. It sits for a week and the garbage people will pick it up. Which means that it's free week. We can just go around and pick up the stuff that we want. So I got a ripstick and a bike ramp! I can't wait to hurt myself on it! So this week was the Ivy pull. The new zone leader who is way uptight didn't want to make the Ivy pull a zone service because it's "not effective". So it was just us and one pair of sisters and random people from the community. It was awesome as usual. We pulled lots of Ivy. My companion said maybe we shouldn't go and I told him that I will go pull Ivy myself if I have to. I also told him that the war on Ivy isn't gonna solve itself. After that he agreed that it was a good idea. We had a great time. We did service at the adult center serving food. There is this old lady there who really grinds my gears. Her name is June nice, but she is not nice at all. She was as usual being really bossy and rude so I was starting to get frustrated with her. I passed out salads to all the tables and then was standing there waiting holding the tray with salads on it. And an old lady who was also volunteering came and grabbed two salads for herself. Then June gets all sassy with me and said "you know you could walk around so she doesn't have to go back and forth". I said "yeah.. I know.. I already passed salads out to everyone! she just wanted those for herself..." I was getting really Freakin angry. The adult center calls us and wants us to do service then We get there and Judy is getting all up in my business. Oh man I was so mad I had to go chill in the back for a couple minutes. I ain't got time for that. You can serve your dang food yourself! So that was cool. Also what made me mad this week is we got a new stake presidency and this guy wants the missionaries to sing at every dinner appointment!!! and every lesson with our investigators!!! He must be out of his mind! I hope I get transferred out of this stake asap! I will not be a little traveling performer monkey that goes from member to member singing carols! We went on a hike today and it was long and tiring, but the view was cool. You could see all the surrounding mountains in Washington and here. Mt St. Helens, Mt hood, and like 3 others I don't know their names. It was pretty fun. We taught quite a few lessons this week. We had 6 member presents which is actually a lot for us in this area. However, despite all our best efforts no investigators came to sacrament meeting! I another funny story we talked to this guy while we were on exchanges. I was with Elder Hintz. We talked to him and he was a redneck from Molalla. He told us about his lazy good for nothing son who couldn't work for nothin so when he was 15 he told his mom if you think you can do better then do it yourself... And she left. And he told his son that there wasn't enough room in Molalla for the both of the. so his son better leave the state or he will run him out of town. We said cool. Way to tell it to her straight. He said yup. We asked if we could come by his house sometime. He said sure if you can make it past the pitbull and my shotgun. We said we would dodge the bullets. He said you won't dodge nothin. I'll hit you straight in the face. He was so crazy haha. That's all for today. Hope you had a great week.


 Elder Garfield

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