Friday, June 3, 2016

May 30, 2016

Hey here is the weekly update. We met with the Allen's. He is the guy who grows medical marijuana and he and his fiancé have four daughters. We had a great lesson with them about the plan of salvation. His twin girls had their book of Mormons in hand ready to go and they can't even read haha. They are such a great family. He's got his grow operation in a huge barn next to his house and he is a "master gardener". He and his fiancé were both inactive members, but he had his kids and he wanted them to grow up knowing who God is and he doesn't want them to go down the same path he did. He didn't always legally do what he does now. And he has had some serious trials that he caused in his life and had to overcome. His dad who is technically his step dad is super active and goes to the temple every week so I'm sure he is thrilled about this new change. They were at church this Sunday and it was great to see their whole family there. We also got Andrew to come to church. He isn't really sure why he wants to join the church. He has some Mormon friends and they said it was a good one and he wants to be closer to God. I guess that's as good a reason as any.

     I'm definitely starting to really like Canby and it has taken a while. It is really small and kind of redneckish. If you look on YouTube and search welcome to Canby there is a hilarious video a member showed us. It's a song about Canby. But the ward is really great and it seems like we are on the right track to get some work happening here. A lot of people here are really stuck in their routine. We talked to a lady who has lived in the same house her whole life and gone to the same little church down the road the whole time. She is like 80 years old! The chances of us converting her are not so good haha. Being new here is living here only 5 years. It's crazy. So two of the cats that live outside our duplex gave birth. The one gave birth to 4 kittens. The other we are not sure because it just barely hatched em. So now we have 15-18 stray cats that live around our house. Hopefully we can have 100 by the end of the year.

   The mission office sends us mass emails sometimes and it is sent to everyone in the mission. Sometimes they send it to us and forget to hide the emails so you can hit reply all. I was trying to mess with them and so I hit reply all and said okay. Then a few other elders started responding too and everyone in the mission kept getting the responses and finally the assistants to the president replied and told us all to stop haha. We got em so good.

  We went a talked to this family that lives way out in the country. He unfortunately wasn't home and we talked to his wife briefly. Her name is Billie and his name is Colton and they have three kids. Charles, Harrison, and Ricker. They are really nice and hopefully we can start teaching them soon.

   That's all I got for this week. Have a great week. Love you

Elder Garfield

   Tell dad and Johnny they better win

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