Friday, June 3, 2016

March 28, 2016

I heard about the missionaries in Belgium. It has been a good for us because some people answer the door just to say they are sorry for the missionaries. It has been kinda funny people getting the story all mixed up. Some people say there was 1 or 2 or 3 missionaries. Some people said, "yeah I'm sorry for the missionaries that got hurt in France". It is funny how information gets confused so easily. That's probably the same reason as why there needs to be a prophet on the earth to guide the church. I've almost finished the new testament and it is funny reading all the epistles Paul wrote to the different people. In just a short time after Christ died. There was already so much confusion. The Corinthians forgot about the resurrection. They didn't think people would be resurrected anymore. Paul had to set that straight. And stuff like that happening all over. Especially without the type of communication we have today. It was a serious challenge to try and keep everyone on the same page. This week was pretty good. We did some tracting which is always fun... Not. We did find a lady who
said we could come back so that is awesome. And she seems like she is completely sane. So that is even better. We walked down this long driveway to go knock on a door and there was this German shepherd barking at us. No leash. No fence. I said hey, you think this dog will attack us. We said we would find out pretty soon. We walked up and it kept backing up so we could tell it was just scared and wouldn't attack. We knock on the door. We hear a older lady (55+) come around the corner angrily saying hello. I thought to myself "here we go"... She starts going off about how we can't just walk down people's driveways and knock on their doors and there was a dog barking and that should be a sign to not come further and that if she wasn't there we would have gotten attacked and we can't just go around knocking on people's doors. Especially in this neighborhood. Her "neighborhood" is
just a few random houses on a road in the middle of nowhere haha. So she was furious and wasn't interested, obviously. And her dog was really friendly. As she was telling us it would attack us I was petting it and it was licking me and leaning against me. I said "this dog right here"? She angrily said yes haha. Then we found a lady who was really nice and said we could come back right next door. We were knocking doors later that day and this guy answered. He looked really tough and had sleeves and was bald and buff. He was really nice. We asked him where he came from because he said he just moved in. He said "ummm... Prison". What do you say to that?!?!? We were like oh cool. We didn't really know what to say haha. He wasn't interested, but he was nice. Then his neighbor was a really flamboyant guy. He said he wasn't interested, "but (he put his hand on his heart) my humanity
extends beyond denominations so I am so sorry to hear about your friends in Brussels" it was kinda funny. He was super nice. Then His neighbors we knocked and they had really loud music playing. Some guy answered. He seemed a little bit tipsy. He wasn't interested. Then as we were knocking on the next door a lady from the loud music house opened the door and yelled "don't y'all pray to some guy on another planet!?!?" Uhhhh she's not entirely wrong I guess.  Then two more doors down. A lady was in her driveway. I ask her how she is doing. She says "don't bother guys" then she went in her garage and closed the garage door haha. So many interesting people in canby. So here is the transfer scoop. Transfers are today and elder hill is leaving. He is going to sandy. My new companion is Elder Goodrich. I don't know him at all so hopefully he is cool.

Love you all,
Elder Garfield

I heard dad is getting a new rail? Is that true? That's too bad about

Derryl. He is the dune legend. It sucks getting old.

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