Monday, June 13, 2016

June 13, 2016

This week was just so good. I am not really sure what happened. I think it was a good week. We found out that one of the less actives That came back to church has a daughter who is not baptized. So that is pretty sweet we're going to try and baptize her. We have been stepping up our game to try and scare the cats away. I started sneaking up on them while they are sleeping and dumping a Picture of water on them. It is super funny and it doesn't really hurt them but they hate it a lot. And so they are very very very very afraid of us now. Anytime they see us they quake and tremble because of fear. They won't even stay in the area when they hear our door open. So that is good. I think the neighbors are trying to get someone to come out and trap all the cats. Which will be cool, but I will miss them. On Sunday a Laurel in our ward came up to us at church and said her friend wants to take the lessons. So that is pretty awesome. We talked to him on Sunday and he seems pretty interested in learning more. And he has been reading the book of Mormon. Which is significantly better than everyone else we've been teaching. Other than that we don't really have anyone to teach. Our investigator who had a date to be baptized dropped us. So that was disappointing. We went on exchanges. I went with Elder Richard's to molalla. Molalla is a pretty interesting place. It is very hick. Even more so than Canby. It was a good time and we had a lot of fun. Brother Steve Who is the member in Oregon city who loves to play Yahtzee has been calling us every day pretty much this whole week. He wanted us to come over to play Yahtzee with him today. So he told us to buy some donuts and orange juice and come over at 9 o'clock in the morning. So we did and it was good to see him and his mom. But he had to go to the doctors to get an MRI for his back. He has to go all the way to Greshem because that's the biggest MRI machine in Oregon. And he is a big man. We also did tye-dye last Monday. So this Monday we will be able to pick up the shirts and I am super pumped about it. Transfers are next Monday. So if anyone is planning on sending a package then get it here by Sunday or sooner otherwise I won't get it for a long time. The weather has been very nice this week. Last week it was kind of hot, but it wasn't raining so I wasn't complaining. But this week it is been about 69° the whole week... Which is great weather. On Saturday we had a waffle breakfast with the stake presidency. This has been my ninth waffle breakfast with the stake presidency. I've been here in Oregon city so long that I've seen two different stake presidents and four stake conferences. On the 23rd it will be my nine month mark. Not that I've been counting. Today is day number 265 not that I've been counting. So basically I'll see you all pretty soon and just like a year and a half. Also Ward Council this week was pretty funny. We talked about emergency preparedness. They made this list of emergencies that could possibly happen. No, sharknados were not on the list. Then we talked about what would happen if those things happen. For example water shutting down or running out of food. And then we talked about dividing the ward into zones. Then we talked about how you can't have a zone without a communicator in it. How would they communicate? That wouldn't make sense. And then we just talked about random stuff having to do with emergencies for a little bit. It was kind of a waste of time. Then for the other part of ward council we talked about insurance policies. Because a member of the ward got in an accident and we weren't sure if they were insured or not so two members of the ward council we're arguing about what insurance policies will cover and what they won't cover for A good 20 minutes. I was so glad I attended. Another funny thing that happened was while we are sitting in the Priest quorum for third hour a ward member came in and grabbed one of the priests because someone's cows got out and he had to go put them back. It was the bishop’s cows and he was out of town and you cant just have cows roaming around because that's dangerous because cows are dangerous and also they could get run over or someone could hurt them or maybe someone would try and steal them or something along those lines. Other than that not much to report on. Just another week in the paradise of Canby, Oregon.

Love you all,

Elder Garfield

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