Monday, June 6, 2016

June 6, 2016

This week was pretty average. It was kind of hot. It was about 95 with 50 percent humidity.  Everyone was freaking out like they were going to die. Every time we knocked on the door they would make a comment about how hot it was. We got offered a lot of water. So it's kind of nice. They still weren't interested. I checked the weather at home and the high was 108 so I didn't feel so bad. We weren't able to find any new people this week. So that was a bummer. We went tracting in town which was interesting because the people in town are very rude most of the time.   I don't know why they live in town if they hate people coming to their door.  We knocked on this one door and talked to this lady who is atheist. She was pretty nice but wasn't interested. So we were walking away from her house and some guy came from behind the house to yell at us. He pointed to his no soliciting sign and said hey buddy no soliciting. I told him we weren't soliciting but that we are just sharing a message about Jesus. He pointed to his stupid sign again and said this means I don't want people coming to my door. He said if you look along the houses on the street there's lots of the signs. it means they don't want you to go to their door. He was yelling and I was yelling back that they (his neighbors) didn't seem to mind so much. He said just keep that in mind and I said will do! And then we knocked on his neighbors doors. I don't know why people hate people coming to their door so much. It takes 30 seconds to answer the door and say not interested. I don't even know why they have a door if they hate people coming to it so much. They should just build a brick wall in front of it. And no soliciting does not mean that you don't want people coming to your door. It means you don't want solicitors coming to your door. He made me super angry so I just had to take a minute and say WWJD what would Jesus do haha. I got your letter with the gift cards. We already went to Starbucks and I got a smoothie. I felt like a basic white girl. It was pretty funny. I can't wait to use the McDonald's gift card. But the McDonald's in Canby is still under construction. They tore it down since I've been here and it's almost already rebuilt (that's how long I've been in Canby). It's going to be a super McDonald's which is awesome so I'm not complaining. But I probably won't be in the area when it's complete. Transfers are coming up in two weeks. And I probably won't be staying in Canby. So just keep that in mind for packages. If you'd like to send any. I will probably be gone on the 20th. Other than that nothing too exciting happened this week. We are trying to find different places to tract because all the places nearby have been tracted a lot. So we’ve been doing some Boonie  tracting. But it's hard because it takes a long time to knock on any doors. The driveways are like a mile long and each house is like a mile apart. And people get mad when you drive up their driveway so you have to park outside on the street. But all the streets have a 4 foot gutter next to them. So it's hard to find a place to park. It was funny because during gospel principles class the teacher asked us what good happened during our week. She called on Elder Goodrich first and he had nothing to say ~ because nothing good happened this week. My good thing that happened this week was that someone offered us water. OK. Goodrich sat there for a while and came up with this as his good thing. "We got to talk to a lot of people" Hahahahahahahhaha. Also we raided the Di-pod in the church parking lot. We found a sweet speaker. So now we can listen to all kinds of stuff. Like Motab. Classical. Catholic talk radio. All kinds of stuff. So I guess that was a good thing. Probably not the best thing to share in gospel principles though. We've been living breadcrumb to breadcrumb. Because last month we didn't get paid before payday. So we had no food. And not a lot of members signed up to feed us this week. So we ate almost everything that we had. So I'm excited to go get some cocoa puffs today. But I was thinking maybe I would make things a little healthier so I don't get as fat so maybe I'll eat some special K instead. We will see. That's all I have for this week. Tune in next week for the next update.


  Elder Garfield

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