Friday, June 3, 2016

April 4, 2016

Hey everybody. This week was pretty swell. I have my new companion Elder Goodrich. I am still in Canby, Oregon. We did a lot of Tracting/ service this week. We got a text from a less active member I've never met saying "can you possibly mow my lawn?" We said yes of course and we figured it would probably take a half hour. She lives in a mobile home park so the lawns are small. We get there and it turns out she has the biggest lawn in the neighborhood and it is literally 3 feet high in some places. It was a jungle of grass, dandelions, flowers, and who knows what else. After finding her lawn mower we tried to start it. It wouldn't start. I worked some magic and got it started after about 15 minutes. Then we started. My companion started mowed a little bit and wanted to switch off. So I mowed half the backyard and then gave it back to him and he mowed a little bit and then wanted to switch off so I just mowed the rest. It was hard work! The mower didn't have any drive so we had to just push it. It took two hours! It was ridiculous. A couple funny stories from this week.
      We were Tracting and I could smell someone was smoking pot. It got stronger and I said to my companion I think it's coming from this house. We knocked on it and this guy answered stoned out of his freaking mind. I talked to him and asked him if he had ever heard the message of the restoration that the missionaries share. He said "nah bro... You got it all wrong". After we thought we should have messed with him. Imagine what he would think if he was high and two guys in white shirts and ties started pretending to speak Japanese or started dancing... He would be so confused. We also talked with a Buddhist and a Jehovah's Witness and a pagan. The pagan I have written about before
a long time ago. We went back to visit her again. She is still insane. She told us she is a white witch. She has been brewing stuff to make her not sick. It hasn't been working... We talked to her for an hour. She said she does some voodoo and some Satan worship, but not a lot of Satan worship. She also told us she is into anime (boy on boy) which is nasty. She said "God forbid I don't watch it for that. I just watch it for the story behind it" haha. Good grief it was a weird week. None of them were interested, but it was funny.
      We had some success too. We set a baptismal date with a woman who has been investigating for a year and a half. She is scheduled to get baptized on the 30th so I'm super excited about that. We also had a lesson with a lady and her mom. They are actually pretty awesome. They said we could come back and teach them again. Other than that not much else happened. We watched conference and that was awesome. It was great to hear from all the church leaders. I liked President Monson's talk "Choose the harder right instead of the easier wrong" sometimes or most of the time choosing the right thing is difficult, but it is always possible.

Love you all,

Elder Garfield

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