Monday, June 27, 2016

June 27, 2016

Okay lots to report on this week. My new companion is Elder Willie. He has been out a year. He is an interesting guy so this will be an interesting transfer. He asked me if I like dungeons and dragons haha. I said, "I don't know what that is." He likes cross country mountain biking, so that is the closest thing we have in common. He is from Utah. He wants to be a mortician or go into film. He always randomly starts laughing under his breath which drives me nuts, but there are worse things I guess. I think I almost killed him on Tuesday. We were knocking doors all day pretty much and it was kinda hot out. He was starting to lag a little bit and we weren't having any luck. So I got him a slurpee to keep him alive.
        I am in the Maplewood area which covers some of Southwest Portland, Beaverton, and a little bit of Lake Oswego. It is a pretty big area and has a ton of houses. I'm pretty excited about that because there are plenty of people to talk to. There are a lot of Muslims, Jews, and Atheists in this area. The ward has a bunch of old people in it haha. There are old people and a few young families of people who are in school or just got out of school. We also have sister missionaries covering the same area we are covering which is interesting. I think last transfer the elders just chilled the whole time because the stats sucked. And the sister have a lot more investigators than we do. And it's the same exact area so I don't know what the excuse would be. This week was pretty good though.
        We started teaching this Pilipino couple. Their son is on a mission in the Philippines and they are interested to see what he is teaching. They are so awesome. He said that his son gets after him because he doesn't email him very often and he said he doesn't like to do it because he gets emotional every time and he doesn't like to cry. She fed us a huge lunch of steak, chicken, fruit, asparagus, salad, and pie. And her husband said you see how happy she is by her body language. It’s like she is feeding her son. It was pretty sweet. They had lots of questions and we brought our ward mission leaders wife who is from the Philippines and they were speaking tagalog. It was hilarious.
        We taught this guy whose wife his a member and is returning to activity. He was an interesting guy. He is an er doctor. He is a vegan and has his kale garden in his backyard haha. He tried to disprove the Book of Mormon with his ancient coin collection. He said he doesn't believe it because it talks about metal work and coins, but they never find any of that in the American continents. We told him to focus of the doctrines the Book of Mormon teaches. It was interesting, but he gave us each two widows mites which is cool. And he has a coin which "could have been one of the 30 pieces of silver that judas got”. He said he likes the Mormon church, but he isn't sure about the Book of Mormon. We told him to just keep coming and sometime down the road things will fall into place.
        There is this apartment complex in our area were were knocking doors in and these kids kept harassing us. They wanted a book Mormon so we gave one to them. Then they wanted my iPad. I wouldn’t give it to them and they tried to take it from me. I still had that Starbucks gift card you sent me, but it only had a couple dollars on it. So I gave it to one of the kids. Then we went back the next day and they wanted another book of Mormon so we gave it to them. And last time they wanted my watch so this time I didn't wear my watch. And then the kid asked me for my watch but I didn’t have it so he was sad haha. I'll attach the video I took of them.
        We had a ward council meeting this Sunday and it was ridiculous. It was the worst ward council I have ever witnessed. They talked about home teaching and visiting teaching and how you would feel if someone came into your home and asked how your prayers and scripture study were going. Then a couple of the people said they would be offended which I thought was a joke in and of itself. I had so many things to say, but I just kept quiet and did the missionary report when it was my turn to speak. I was thinking about bringing up Matthew 24:10, but there was already enough tension so I just kept to myself.
        That's all the excitement for this week. Just knocking a lot of doors. Love you guys

Elder Garfield

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